The car is dead – long live the car!

To discuss the future of the car in the urban context, RFS and the university St. Gallen organized an event with all relevant stakeholders and thought leaders on September 1, 2022. Thomas Sauter-Servaes was invited to join the panel „MaaS as a silver bullet?“ with Vanessa Reiser (BMW), Jörg Beckmann (TCS) and Christa Hostettler (PostAuto)

The car and the future of urban mobility affect us all. For many people owning a car means a deep sense of freedom and positive emotions. But the car is also an increasingly large driver of traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and loss of quality of life in cities. In Switzerland, car traffic accounts for nearly a quarter of total Swiss emissions. And now a perfect storm is forming for the auto industry in the form of higher fuel costs, increasing environmental awareness among the population, and mounting political pressure.

This storm is forcing the auto industry to question its linear business model. The future is uncertain. But the future competitiveness of automotive companies is likely to depend on how quickly they adopt a new, service-oriented approach and shift their focus from pure car manufacturing to developing an ecosystem of integrated mobility services. Both established companies and disruptors are already reshaping the future of urban mobility. Use instead of own is the motto – or mobility as a service. 

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