Passenger Republic: Insights into the DNA of Tomorrow’s Mobility

tongjiOn May 15, Dr. Thomas Sauter-Serves, Program Director at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), gave a conference about the future of Mobility at the Jiading campus of Tongji University. This event was co-organized by swissnex China and the Graduate Union of the School of Transportation Engineering of Tongji University.

About the conference

In the coming years, digitization and robotization will change transport systems dramatically – and probably faster than previously expected. Innovative mobility services will revolutionize individual road traffic in particular. If this transformation takes place uncontrolled, easier access to mobility services, high availability and significantly falling prices will result in increasing numbers of journeys and increasing distances traveled.

The lecture will explain the various development paths that the trend towards connected cars and autonomous vehicles on vehicle design and deployment, urban planning and the overall transport system will have. The current competition between different forms of future mobility will be illustrated, that will lead to a stronger leading to a stronger “as well as” rather than the currently prevailing “either or” concerning the choice of means of transport. The boundaries between individual and public transport will become blurred.

An in-depth experimentation with new mobility concepts can already be observed today, which will intensify in the coming years. What are the opportunities and risks for mobility service providers, urban design and ultimately the quality of life?


Quelle: swissnex China

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